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Trucking company specializing in southern california LTL and FTL trucking services. Long Beach LTL and FTL trucking company. Shipping quotes on LTL and FTL trucks.

Flatbed & Stepdeck Trucking

About Our Flatbed Trucking Services

Action Transportation Inc. is a full service provider in the transportation industry. We are dedicated in providing transit solutions to many renowned custom house brokerage companies, logistics companies and freight forwarders within the LAX and Long Beach area.

Action Transportation Inc Trucking Company providing overnight flatbed truckload service and flatbed LTL service throughout California and expedited interstate truckload service throughout 48 states. When your manufacturing company will need in the near future a flatbed trailer in Riverside, CA for freight shipping anywhere in the US and to Canadian destinations, get a flatbed quote from Action Transportation Inc.

Our cost-effective services in the transportation industry allow our customers to maximize profit and minimize cost at the end of the day. We are the preferred carrier of some of the largest and most demanding shippers in the country, yet will always maintain the expedited service that smaller companies require.

15 years of experience and knowledge of the industry has permitted our customer service team to create tailored shipping solutions to meet the demands and critical deadlines of our customers anytime and anywhere. We service all of southern California’s counties on a daily bases which include, Los Angeles county, Orange county, Ventura county, San Bernardino county, Riverside county, and San Diego county.

Although we specialize in flatbed trucking and oversized loads, we also recognize that our customers often need to ship other commodities. We can handle all requests, big or small. We have built a strong foundation over the years by providing an indispensable service to the transportation industry with reliability, efficiency and timely freight service.

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